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Conditions Use

These are the usage rules applicable to our service and our subscribers. Reference to the person who hires any HostingAdventista.com services as "Subscriber" will be on. The use of contracted services you agree to the following conditions:             

  • The services provided HostingAdventista.com allow any type of content as long as there is illegal or causes problems if any problems will bring us content informed to remove the contents of the website.
  • any foul language is not permitted against the company and any of its operators, or their account will be permanently suspended.
  • No pornography or pedophilia is allowed.
  • any type of content such as warez is not allowed, either incitement to warez.
  • No illegal content allowed.
  • HostingAdventista not accept sites as forums using much resource in MySQL and CPU, because the server is shared, and you can make your site is suspended and only if less than 15 days with us it will make a refund.
  • Denial or cancel the service
  • HostingAdventista.com reserves the right to refuse or cancel the services contracted by the subscriber with or without notice if the subscriber incurs any conduct or activity deemed HostingAdventista.com abuse or violation of any of the terms, rules and conditions set forth herein, with or without notice, and no responsibility for the consequences that may result because of this.
  • This also includes cases where the Technical Area HostingAdventista.com cancel the service accounts that engage in actions that do not allow proper functioning of other users. Each case of suspension
  • will be evaluated and will match the customer administrative leave.
Programs and Scripts
  • In the case of hosting accounts that have execute permissions, the subscriber can install and run scripts as necessary. However, HostingAdventista.com reserves the right to disable any script installed by the subscriber or affecting the normal operation of servers and clients harm other sites hosted on the same software.

Tr DRAWING Consumed (bandwidth)
  • All hosting plans include a certain amount of monthly traffic. If you exceed the transfer limit will be advised on their website. FTP and POP mail access can not be suspended. The restriction can not be removed, if your site is exceeded frequently you can ask your plan be extended for a cup highest possible transfer and avoid crashes Web service.

Hosting Contract
  • There is no agreement whatsoever between the subscriber HostingAdventista.com and, once applied the plan and sent the mail confirmation of the data of the purchase order, you have 7 days to make the deposit for the same.
  • To unsubscribe a service, the client must request and confirm it girders support request or through our operators. You can do it anytime forfeiting plan on the unspent balance and deleted information from the confirmation of the floor.
  • HostingAdventista.com maintain the confidentiality and security of information provided by the subscriber for the collection of the service, as described in the Data Protection Act. Is the price change notification or characteristics of the services offered or internal notifications between the subscriber and HostingAdventista.com be sent.

P & eacute; loss of data
  • HostingAdventista.com not responsible for loss of data on the server caused by users, failures in our system or our servers updates . This is also your responsibility to keep under guard mails webmail system.

Delays in Domain Transfer
  • HostingAdventista.com not responsible for delays in domain registration and DNS transfers caused by third parties or by the user who buys our services .

Payments and Maturities
  • You have 7 days to make the payment after the renewal date of the plan or plans, upon default of payment to 7 days of renewal, your site will be suspended temporarily. In the absence of payment 15 calendar days after the payment date corresponds the definitive suspension of your site, with a corresponding elimination of all hosted on the server by the user. In this way the user loses any right to claim for deleted information. Payment for the service is performed upfront month, annually, quarterly or monthly as directed by the detail of the plan.
  • To unsubscribe a service, the client must request and confirm it girders of our operators. You can do it anytime forfeiting plan on the unspent balance and deleted information from the confirmation of the low. If you. Is adhered to the system or recurring debit and want to stop using the service, you must apply for support table with a minimum of 7 days prior to the expiration date. Not complete this requirement, you must wait for the next month and lose rights to claim on payment already entered.

  • HostingAdventista.com reserves the right to make changes to the features and prices of plans and / or services offered. Any notice which affects the technical characteristics of the services offered will take place directly through our website on the Internet.

Pol RIVER policy Anti-SPAM (Envi & oacute; unsolicited advertising)
  • Along with the growth of Internet email abuse is also growing. People are very angry against SPAM and sends complaints to suppliers. Because of this we must take a strict position on the SPAM. The subscriber agrees not to transmit unsolicited advertising through email or any other means which wants publicizing Internet hosted with HostingAdventista.com, either through services contracted with us or through any other service provider services. Failure to comply with this point will lead to immediate suspension without notice of the contracted services. Any expense that is generated will be loaded into the user's account. If the sending of SPAM is detected by a user, the account will be suspended having to pay an amount of money.- in concept by reopening account. To continue with this policy the account will be deleted from our servers and as mentioned above, the user must JOINING charge of expenses and damages to other users on the same server.
  • When the service is suspended for SPAM, screen suspended in the corresponding site will be placed. This screen will be removed as soon as payment of the fine is verified.

Envi & oacute; Mass E-Mail
  • reports that it is not allowed mass mailing, since the operation of the server from which it takes place is affected. If the subscriber has a certain number of users who are interested in receiving certain information about your business or service, before making the corresponding sending mail contact support table, so that from the technical area, will provide instructions necessary, in order to avoid conflicts of any kind. In the event of such mass mailing the account will be suspended immediately by the technical department of our company. It will be restored only after the Subscriber contact with that department has to be clarified the situation.

Pol RIVER policy Anti-Phishing
  • Suspension and / or termination of service to detect phishing from a website hosted in HostingAdventista.com
  • "Phishing" is a form related to obtaining information for conducting a fraud and / or identity theft. It consists of taking information such as credit card numbers, passwords, account information or other personal information, by deception. This type of fraud usually received via e-mail or pop-ups. HostingAdventista.com supports international organizations in the fight against phishing on the Internet.
  • If you believe you have been the victim of "phishing", proceed as follows:

  • * Report fraud immediately to Support from Your Customer: * Give details swindler, received messages, the competent authority through the center of complaints of Internet fraud http://www.ic3.gov. The center works around the world in cooperation with legal authorities to close promptly fraudulent Web sites and identify the perpetrators of fraud If you think your personal information has been stolen or endangered, must also inform the FTChttp: / /www.ftc.gov Web sites that are used for this purpose will be considered case by case. Usually we will proceed to the immediate suspension of the same, where we will check: * If customer is directly responsible for the suspension is final and irreversible. * If you have used vulnerabilities in applications installed on your web space for this purpose, undertakes to correct and delete the malicious files on your website.
  • In case of relapse, so that your site is reactivated must pay the fine for 50 bs F, committing again to fix vulnerabilities and delete the malicious files on your site. If after that your account is used again for this purpose will proceed to the final and irreversible suspension of the same.

registraci & oacute; n Domain
  • The processing of the domain for which registration is payable to HostingAdventista.com is subject to availability at the time of registration with the institution corresponding. Such procedure is started only once it is verified payment acreeditación. Once processed a domain
  • You can not change the character of the same and no refund of the amount paid for the same takes place.

Renovat & oacute; n Domain
  • only be renewed domains that have been initially processed by HostingAdventista.com without exception. The domains that are not in this situation have the option of being transferred to HostingAdventista.com having to make this change, at least 20 days before the due date.

Transfer Domains
  • HostingAdventista.com not responsible for the successful completion of transfer formalities initiated by its registration area as this depends only on the entity release time domain in question and who correctly answer emails sent to the email address of the administrative contact of the domain in the state of initial registration. No refund is made because HostingAdventista.com payable when the process starts.
  • The conditions and rules set forth herein may be modified by HostingAdventista.com notifying by the media as it deems necessary, including the Internet.
  • When hiring our services you acknowledge and accept these usage policies and if you violate any of our terms and conditions will not be refunded the money and the account will be deleted permanently. First violations of this policy will result in an "Administrative Fee" of $ 25 and your account will be reviewed for possible immediate termination. Serious violations can result in immediate and permanent removal of the account (s) from our network without notice to the customer.
  • A second violation will result in an "Administrative Fee" of $ 100 and immediate termination of your account.
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